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Donate Blood

In April 2018, Pastor Robert lost 50 percent of his blood and needed 7 blood transfusions to survive. According to his son Pastor Josh, “If the hospital didn’t have blood ready to give him, there’s no question he would have died.”

Gateway has always been all about people and doing what we can to help our neighbors, but Pastor Robert’s health crisis in 2018 instilled in us a personal passion to save lives through blood donation. When you give blood, you give someone a second chance at life!  Since partnering with Carter BloodCare in 2018, we’ve replenished critically low blood supplies locally and even sent blood beyond the Metroplex to help save lives!

How to Get Involved

You can donate blood by making an appointment. Sign up online at or by texting or calling 800.366.2834. Please read Carter BloodCare’s donor guidelines before you arrive.

These donations will help Carter BloodCare keep a steady supply of blood available for hospitals in North, Central, and East Texas. Every donation makes a difference!

What to Expect When You Donate

The Carter BloodCare team is committed to providing you a safe donation experience. Carter BloodCare follows stringent FDA protocols every day, and in light of COVID-19, they have added safety measures, including:

  • Hand sanitizer at every donation site.
  • Social distancing measures at key points during blood donation.
  • Donor health screening to check for symptoms of illness (temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc.).
  • Sanitization of donor screening areas and beds after every use.
  • Carter BloodCare staff monitoring their own health status to ensure donor safety.