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Session 3

Breaking Curses

Everyone needs freedom. No matter who you are or how long you have been saved, if you are alive, you have either believed a lie or experienced something that has kept you from the true freedom Jesus offers. This session will help you identify those areas and give you the tools to break free.


Rebellious Roots

Pastor Robert talks about the destruction rebellion caused in his life as he shows us how we can be set free from it in our own lives.


The Purity Test

Your purity affects your character. Your character affects your entire life. Joseph passed the “The Purity Test” and you can too. Learn how in this message from Pastor Robert.


Have You Believed a Lie

Pastor Robert shares a message that helps believers examine their actions, words, and thoughts to determine which lies they have believed.



Pastor Robert shares a message titled “Dominion” where he explains that when Jesus rose from the grave, He defeated the enemy.


Believers in Bondage

Pastor Robert shares a message explaining how believers can continue being in bondage and how to break free from it.