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Care Resources

Care Resources

Proper mental and spiritual care can change the atmosphere in our homes from anxiety, anger, and depression to dwellings full of love, peace, and God’s presence—but it begins within each of us.

If you’ve found yourself at home for a few days, two-weeks, or even longer, it can be easy to focus on caring for those you’re responsible for—your children, spouse, or even parents. But while caring for others is an important role in your life as a follower of Jesus, it is also important to take care of yourself.

Below, you’ll find resources for how to handle fear and anxiety, conflict in your marriage, battling addiction, healing from depression, parenting a blessed family, dealing with trauma, and other topics. In these pages, spiritual insight meets biblical wisdom to help you on your journey to the health Jesus offers for your spiritual well-being—all from home.

Whether you’re staying at home because of an injury, a health issue, or a quarantine, you can use these resources for yourself and your family and share them with friends and extended family when you hear of someone struggling with fear, anxiety, depression, or trauma in the middle of this pandemic.

Each resource features a set of Scriptures, a worship moment, and short messages that dive into a topic. At the end of each resource, there are questions to guide you through your quiet time or a journaling exercise as well as options for further study.

Help with Depression
God sees us as precious, unique, and valuable—so much so that when one of us is lost, He will find us. Discover how to fully believe you are so valuable to God that He will come find you, no matter how far you’ve gone from Him.

How Do I Deal with Trauma?
Discover how to heal from trauma in your life, find freedom in God, and break the lies trauma tells.

Help with Parenting
Our heavenly Father, God, is the ultimate model of parenthood. In this resource, explore how showing our children the love of God helps everything else fall into place.

Help with Addiction
No matter the type of addiction you’re battling, find out how God can intervene and bring you from bondage to a place of healing, even at home.

Help with Conflicts in Marriage
In your relationship, conflict might be inevitable, but in this resource you’ll find out that there are healthy, biblical ways of dealing with conflict that help you both grow. When we make God and His truth the driving influence in our marriages, we clear a path for a more intimate relationship with each other and with God.

Help with Fear and Anxiety
Our enemy uses fear and anxiety to tear us down and keep us from the full lives God intends for us. Learn how God has equipped us to fight the weapons of the enemy, overcome emotions, and live in true relationship with Jesus so we can find healing and move forward in peace.