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Campus Updates

NRH Campus

First Impressions

It is essential to keep the exterior of our building in exceptional condition as it is the first thing members and guests will see upon entering the campus. We improved the appearance of the exterior entrance area by repainting the front of the building and relocating the Gateway Church sign to the opposite side of the facade for easier viewing. We also installed new planters that were added into the irrigation system.

Front Entrance

We updated the foyer of the building with new tile as well as redesigned the Spanish translation ministry area for an aesthetic view. In addition, we created an inviting, family-style seating area to welcome more community moments..

Gateway Kids

Our kids ministry area is a special part of our building. We extended the hallway for kids’ classrooms to the back of the building and created a new kids’ wing of three classrooms (Rock-n-Roller Coaster, Flying Ferris Wheel, and The Mix) from the old chat room. The hallway from the Lobby to the kids’ ministry area was redesigned with an extended mural across the wall to create a more pronounced entrance for children and their families. The muraled wall now supports built-in kiosks for check-in. In addition, we replaced the oversized back check-in counter with slimmer cabinetry to provide much-needed space for families to drop off their children and build community with other families. We also upgraded to wall-mounted iPads and an ADA compliant check-in counter.

Nursing Mothers' Room

We redesigned the outdated interior of this family space to reflect a warmer, more comfortable, and contemporary setting for nursing mothers and their children.

Gateway Bookstore

We relocated the Bookstore from opposite the Café to a newly constructed area at the front of the building. In the process, we created a new hallway allowing better access to the deacons’ room and other offices.

Connect Central

This is a vital space for connection and community during weekend services. We relocated this area from the front of the campus to the old Bookstore area. The purpose was to create an inviting space, separated from the Lobby, for guests to meet and greet with campus pastors and leaders after services. While our original plan was to create more of a “home vibe” by providing a bookshelf and soft seating, we determined more space was needed for guests to move about. The two walls of windows, flanking the opening, create separation without closing off the space and also allow foot traffic to flow without causing a bottleneck.


We installed new chairs, carpet, and a stage backdrop in the Auditorium where we worship during weekend services. Volunteers helped unload 1,100 new chairs and set them up with our facilities team.

Gateway Cafe

We painted the exterior walls, updated the counters, and installed new tile flooring surrounding the Café. To create two serving areas, we removed the internal wall to open up the Café to the back counter. Other updates include new cabinetry, monitors for the menu, sneeze guards, Café flooring, additional painting, and lighting as well as a new POS system for purchases.


We transformed the old basketball court into a play space and seating area for families.

Prayer Rooms

We created two new prayer rooms and decorated them with new furniture and accessories.


We created two new classrooms at the rear of the building.

Jackson Hole Campus


We rebranded the building with Gateway signage, installed new carpet in the front Lobby, and repaved and striped the parking lot, along with a refresh of landscaping in islands. The front Lobby now includes a Gateway Bookstore and kids’ ministry check-in area. The kids’ ministry rooms have been refreshed, including new flooring, millwork, and plumbing, and we’ve secured the kids’ ministry wing with key fob doors. We reconfigured the back left corner of the building to include restrooms for the kids’ ministry and pastors’ green room. The Auditorium has a reconfigured sound booth with updated technology. We created a front office, which will also be used as a ministry room and nursing mothers’ room during weekend services. The parsonage has been gutted and is in the process of being rebuilt.