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Kids Serve Guidelines

Kids Serve Guidelines

We value the time you spend assisting and ministering in our classrooms. Accomplishing our mission to serve our congregation requires effort and responsibility. For this reason, we have guidelines set in place, so you will know what to do and what not to do.


  • Always follow the dress code!
  • Come ready to serve with a joyful heart and a full stomach. Consume all food and beverages outside of the classrooms.
  • Check in and get a printed name tag each time you serve, and set up a place to meet your parents after the service.
  • Wear your name tag where it is visible right below the shoulder. Remove your name tag when leaving the classroom for the day.
  • Check in and check out with the classroom overseer and be prepared to stay about 10 minutes after service to help set up the room for the next service.
  • Help keep the children occupied and away from the door during drop-off and pick-up times. Activities include: reading, chatting, praying, blowing bubbles, playing games, puzzles, and puppets.
  • Actively participate and help encourage the children during praise and worship time and lesson time.
  • Play with the children on the floor or at the tables. Girls may hold children in their laps; boys may not.
  • Play in open view of the adults in the classroom (no hiding in or around objects).
  • Keep your focus and attention on the children at all times. While we have fun visiting with other workers in the classrooms, keep socializing with each other to a minimum when children are present. Please talk with friends or other volunteers after the room has cleared.
  • Assist with sanitizing surfaces and cleaning musical instruments, Bibles, lesson props, and toys.
  • Listen to and follow what the overseers and other adults say with a good attitude!
  • Use this time to praise, pray, and participate.
  • Let all your words be positive and speak life as you influence others.
  • Let the overseer know immediately if there is a behavioral issue. All correction must be made by teachers who are specifically trained to handle these situations.


  • Use cell phones or text message while in the classroom. (Ask for permission to leave the room if you must make or receive a call.)
  • Bring a visitor to serve with you. (Take your friend to the church service instead.)
  • Take pictures of the children in the classrooms.
  • Pick up children or carry them around the room.
  • Sit on the tables or in the rockers at any time.
  • Play on any of the children’s equipment (i.e., slides, play gyms, and stationary vehicles) or go into playhouses with the children.
  • Stand at the door. Only the classroom overseer may receive/release children and talk to parents.
  • Interrupt the teacher during teaching time.
  • Correct the children.
  • Bring food into the classrooms.
  • Change diapers or help children with restroom breaks.
  • Let any unwholesome words proceed from your mouth.