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Gateway Worship Resources

Gateway Worship Resources

We love to help people experience the presence of God in the greatest way possible through worship! Whether you want to hone your craft or simply learn more about how we approach our worship ministry, we’re excited to share the resources we’ve developed along the way.

Worship Foundations
Learn how we educate our worship team members on the biblical view of worship and our role in it.

Foundations Introduction
What is worship?
Why do we worship?
How do we worship?
What corrupts worship?
What happens when we worship?
How do we lead worship?

How to Worship a King
How to Worship a King | Video Series
The God I Never Knew
The Blessed Church

Band Development
These training materials help acquaint new team members with how we function musically and on the platform.

Nashville Numbers for Band
Unity & Transition
Adaptability & Transposition
Platform Presence
Spontaneous Worship & Flow

Vocal Development
We use these training resources to help develop our vocalists’ techniques and skills.

Vocal Foundations | Breathing
Vocal Foundations | Blending
Intro to Pop Vocal Technique
Pop Vocal Exercises

Vocal Charts
Vocal Chart Reading | Part 1
Vocal Chart Reading | Part 2

Leadership Development
Everyone on our worship team is considered a leader. These resources focus on developing leadership skills.

Building a Worship Set List
Prophetic Worship Released

Watch this video for insight into mixing your worship sets in post-production.

Mixing for Online Audiences

Instrument Training
These basic-technique courses were designed to help our members interested in learning an instrument.

     Acoustic 100
     Acoustic 200
     Acoustic 300
     Bass 100
     Bass 200
     Bass 300

     Piano 100
     Piano 200
     Piano 300

     Drums 100
​​​​​​​     Drums 200
​​​​​​​     Drums 300

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