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November 15, 2019

“This winter I fell while rehearsing worship for our Gateway Kids’ services and later learned four ligaments in my left ankle had severe third-degree sprains, and my talus bone was fractured. Then, a few months later, our ministry spent four weeks learning about the power of prayer. At the end of the series, during a 10:45 service, I was brought on platform, and 108 third and fourth graders stretched out their hands and began to pray for my ankle. I knew something had changed. I left the room, took my boot off, and began to stretch my ankle. Previously, I couldn’t move my foot in circular motions; flex; or point my foot up, down, or side to side. But when I began moving it this time, not only could I move it in a large circular motion but I could also point my foot. As I walked around, the pain almost completely subsided. I went back on platform to show the kids and everyone began to shout. At the end of the next service, with tears running down my face, I stood and stretched my foot to show the kids what God had done. That day, I stood in the same spot where it all started and received the healing Christ died to give me. After 14 weeks and 2 days, I left the orthopedic doctor without a boot and was told I don’t even need a brace! I’m still rebuilding my strength, but with every step, I continue to see God’s healing power.”

Lauren and her family attend the Southlake Campus.