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September 22, 2020

“In school I was taught that a baby in the womb was just a clump of cells. That lie, and the act of abortion, has destroyed many women’s lives, including my mother’s. She had nervous breakdowns and mental issues throughout her life, and on dark days, she would talk about a doctor who performed abortions in his back office. It wasn’t until later that I found out she helped perform those abortions and that she’d had one. She was oppressed and haunted by a lot of things, and I realized why when I accepted Christ 12 years ago during a near-death experience: life is the most precious gift we have.

But God has a way of working all things for good. My mother’s decision to have an abortion and help perform them affected generations of families, but God has gifted me with opportunities to counsel women who have either gone through or contemplated abortion, and I’ve spent years working with women facing all kinds of crises. To see family legacies, including my own, come full circle is incredible.

Sometimes God surprises you and uses you when you least expect it. I serve on the prayer team at Gateway Dallas, and a couple months ago we were each given a list of people to contact for prayer. One day I was sitting with my list, and I wasn’t feeling up to contacting anyone, but God had other plans. Because I had committed to doing it, I made the calls. One of the people I spoke with was a woman considering abortion. When I spoke with her, I didn’t just spout Scripture; I listened to her, and we laughed together and prayed together. And as a result of that phone call, a life was saved. We just have to be available, and God gives us the words.

My first great-grandchild was just born, and I can’t even express what it feels like to hold him. Abortion tears at the very foundation of family and life, and it’s time for the Church to stand together to help end it.”

–Sue Arrington

Learn more at about their event to help end abortion. If you know someone struggling with the choice or aftermath of abortion, we’d love to help. Contact our Care team at