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November 9, 2018

“I’ve always loved the drums and I could sit and watch drummers play forever. When I was 11 years old, I asked my parents for my first drum set, and at Christmas that year, they bought me one that said ‘Stagg’ on the front of the bass drum. I haven’t seen another drum set like it since. I started playing along to different songs and eventually took drum lessons. After a few years, I was playing for my youth group and then for regular worship services at the church I grew up in near Cresson, Texas. On my sixteenth birthday, my worship pastor invited me to go to Gateway Conference where I learned about The King’s University. Now, I’m a third-year student in their bachelor of worship leadership program!

Just a few months ago, I played my first weekend service at the Grand Prairie Campus. Somebody told me I’m the first female drummer to ever play during a weekend at Gateway. I’ve never been intimidated by being the only female instrumentalist on the platform. I’ve never thought, Oh no, I’m a girl and here are all these guys. What do I do? I just get up there and worship. I love it when the band is all in unity together during a song. I know there are women who might find it difficult or intimidating to do something that mostly guys do—like playing an instrument on a worship team—but if you’re passionate about doing something, go for it! Do it simply because you love it. That’s what I did. I decided one day that I wanted to play drums, and now I’m doing it.” Summer attends the Southlake Campus and is a student at The King’s University.