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January 12, 2018

“My husband and I both grew up Catholic. We’ve always loved the Lord, but several years ago, I had a very real encounter with Him that changed my life, and since then, I’ve been praying for my husband, Terry, to have a similar encounter with God. One day in early 2015, I felt like the Lord told me Terry would come to know Him better and it would occur through a physical illness and miracle healing. I wasn’t sure who or when or what, but I kept believing and praying. Nine months later, Terry began having consistent headaches that weren’t going away. After a while, he started getting intense pressure and dizziness too, so we got a scan done and learned it was a tumor surrounded by a cyst on the base of his brain stem and there might be more throughout his body. Even though it was scary, the Lord had prepared me for it. I told Terry right then, ‘We serve a God who is bigger than this, and you’re going to be okay. God is going to show you how big He is.’ I was a little nervous that would freak him out, but sure enough, God is so good. Unlike the doctors suspected, there were no other tumors in Terry’s body so they only needed to remove the one on his brain stem. Right before the surgery, a pastor came to visit and pray with Terry in the hospital. Afterward, I could see that he was filled with a supernatural peace, and I realized he had experienced a deeper connection with God. Then, when he went in for surgery, the doctors said the cyst surrounding the tumor collapsed and the tumor just popped out! There were no complications, no metastasizing, nothing. Looking back, God had His hand on this situation from beginning to end. He did exactly what He said He would.”