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August 7, 2019

“When I was eight years old, I kept feeling like there was something in my eye. If I rubbed it, it felt like it would go away for a couple of seconds and then it would be back. I also had trouble seeing out of it—it was kind of blurry. I got used to it, so I wasn’t that scared, but I knew something was wrong. We were at Night of Worship singing ‘Precious Jesus’ and my mommy said, ‘Why don’t you pray to God to heal your eye?’ I prayed and then my eye got healed! I saw a mist and then I started crying and I hugged my daddy. I told him, ‘God healed my eye.’ It felt like scales fell from my eyes like what happened to Saul in the Bible when he was blind. I felt warm like someone was hugging me. It felt like God. After that we heard the song ‘It Is Finished,’ and I cried even more because my eye felt better. So, it is finished! I could see the platform and the words on the screen more clearly—everything just looked better. My faith has grown a lot. When I have a problem, I pray about it. If something hurts, during worship I pray about it and it usually gets healed. For a while my neck was hurting, and during worship I prayed about it and got healed. It doesn’t matter if it’s in worship or not, just pray to God any time because He’s always open and He can heal you. I hope that others will believe in God more and have more blessings in their lives. I think God’s told me I’m going to be an architect when I grow up. I want to build churches— Gateway churches too.” The Samuel family attends the NRH Campus.