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August 8, 2018

“When I was a young mom, I decided to stay home and raise my four kids. I gave it my all and more every day, but that’s not exactly something you can put on a résumé. During that time, I learned to follow the Holy Spirit and let the Lord develop me for what was next. Then in 2005, when my kids were mostly grown, I opened the newspaper and saw this ad saying that the World Affairs Council was bringing Bono to Fair Park in Dallas to speak about the AIDS crisis. I felt compelled to go, so I bought a ticket and went. That night, God completely wrecked me. My heart lit up for people—especially children and those who don’t have voices of their own. I knew God was preparing me to do something, and since then the Holy Spirit has led me to many opportunities to work in the nonprofit sector. In the past 13 years, I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve worked in task forces and agencies here in Fort Worth raising awareness about human trafficking, poverty, and education. I even spent time in Washington, D.C., working with our representatives to get funding for global humanitarian efforts. At first it was scary to go into the rough places of the world and advocate for those there, but it was worth it. Through all this, I realized my passion—to see the Church out in the local community and in the world. We all have a part to play. It’s funny how God used Bono to help me to realize that!”