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Kids Experience

A Gateway Series

Hey parents, your children don't have to miss out on Gateway Kids while children's ministry is online only. You can have a fun ministry experience right from your home! Choose from our videos created weekly for each age group, birth through sixth grade. We pray this creates opportunities for your kids to grow spiritually and together as a family. These materials are best facilitated with a parent, so we encourage you to gather your family, press play, and have FUN!

Check back each week to discover new lesson guides and find new videos posted here!

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Babies: God’s Love

1 of 3
January 22, 2021

God loves us so much that He made us in an amazing way! We are all special to God, and He loves us with a big love!

Preschool: Words that Bring Life

2 of 3
January 22, 2021

Our words have the power to change things! Let’s learn how our words make a difference in our lives.

K–4th Grade: Words that Bring Life

3 of 3
January 22, 2021

Our words are so powerful that they can change situations! Join us as we learn how our words affect things around us.

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