Mark Jobe

Mark Jobe

Family: Spouse, Sandy, married since 1980; three children, Kari, Kris, and Caleb; and dog, Macy

Saved: Born again during my sophomore year in high school. I surrendered to the ministry my junior year and began traveling and speaking in churches my senior year.

Education: Attended Liberty Bible College and Criswell Center for Biblical Studies from 1979 through 1983.

Previous Lines of Work: Been in full time ministry for over 30 years

One of the Things I Find Most Fascinating: The power of God to change even the most impossible situations. I have watched God take lives and marriages that were over and turn them completely around. On a lighter note, I am amazed how a thermos can keep cold things cold and hot things hot! Have you ever wondered how it knows the difference?

The Unshakable Kingdom and Unchanging Person by E. Stanley Jones
Food: Tex Mex
Snack Food: Cheese and red grapes
Movie: Pure Country
TV Shows: Game shows ... any game show!
Song: "Check Yes or No" by George Strait
Actor: Sean Connery
Time of Day: Tee time … whatever time that is!
Season: Summer
Place in the world: Cayman Islands
Place to Pray: While taking a walk in the woods or near the lake.
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Did I mention that I like golf?
Scripture: John 14:12-14
Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys
Sport: Football and Rodeo

Least Favorites
Food: Indian
Snack Food: Cheap desserts
Time of Day: Before the sun comes up
Season: Winter
Sports Team: Philadelphia Eagles … no … Washington Redskins … no … both!

Best Thing Someone Said to You: When my wife says, "Hey, want to go out tonight?"

Life Motto: If you are still breathing then there is still hope!

Three People I’d Like to Meet: George Bush, George Strait, and the current president of Kenya

My Hero: My wife ... seriously! She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself!

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: When several healings broke out in a juvenile ward of a Honduran hospital a few years ago. 85% of the children were healed and went home the next morning. We called it, "The night of miracles!"

Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I grew up in country music. My piano teacher is now George Strait's piano player!