Pink (Gateway Women)

Who We Are

Pink is a company of women where each one can be connected, trained, and empowered to impact her world.

What We Do

The Pink team builds healthy ministry for women through a team-driven focus that is grace-filled and empowering. We strive to honor one another, disciple those in our care with excellence, and empower every woman to influence her world for the glory of God.

How We Serve

  • Excellence

  • Empowerment

  • Grace-filled

  • Team-focused and Team-driven

  • Honoring

How to Get Involved

  • Small GroupsConnecting women to grow, belong, and be transformed through life giving relationships.

  • Mid-Size Gatherings – Establishing women in their identity for the purpose of leading, training, and encouraging others.

  • Large Gatherings – Empowering women of all ages to share the culture, values, and experience of Pink.