Stewardship Resources

Investing can seem complicated. So we've created a three-part guide to help you get started!

  1. I Want Something Quick and Easy (Part I)
  2. I'm Willing to Dig Deeper (Part 2)
  3. Coming Soon (Part 3)
  4. How To Choose/Find A Financial Advisor

When you can’t make all your minimum debt payments, you need to over communicate with your creditors to let them know your situation. These forms will assist in communication and repairing any credit errors.


Step 1

Create a budget using the Monthly Spending Plan to discover how much you can put towards debt each month.

The burden of excessive debt can be a huge burden that no one should carry.  Debt was not meant to be part of our lives.  You can get out of debt but you have to have a plan.

Developing a budget can seem impossible.  That's why we've developed a 3 step process to help you create and implement a budget that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Gateway Stewardship Route 7 is here for you! We offer education for everyone—whether you want to learn how to better manage your finances, get out of debt, or give the way God intended. Our goal is for each person to maximize their kingdom impact for Jesus using the gifts and abilities given to them. Check out the Gateway Stewardship Route 7 Map (under Downloads) to figure out where you are!

Use this tool to plan out Birthdays, Christmas, and other events where you would buy gifts for family and friends. 

This tool helps provide a snapshot of your current finances.

To use the form, enter everything you own along with any debts or money you owe; this “assets” vs. “liabilities” calculation equals your net worth.

This guide has three steps regarding financial matters, after the loss of a spouse:

  1. Immediate Actions
  2. Actions after Death Certificates Arrive
  3. Actions Over Time (4–6 weeks after passing)