Single Adults

We believe one is a whole number and life starts now. Our desire is to challenge each other to grow in relationship with God and one another through authentic community. We have people from all spectrums of life—young, mature, never married, formerly married, those who want to get married, those who want to remain single. In such a diverse group, you’ll find people who can meet you right where you are in life.

Join us for these events during the week.

Saturday Night Life
Saturdays | 4:00 & 5:45 pm | Southlake Campus

We meet at the 4:00 & 5:45 pm services and go out to dinner after! 

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Divorce Care Class
The purpose of this class is to use God’s word to find His peace and total healing for each member. Through the struggle of divorce, each of the leaders of Divorce Care have learned how big God's love is, and that His love gives the strength to trust Him with everything. The Word allows for healing and vision as class members see the plans God has for them. We can live with peace, no matter what life throws our way, because we know how things will turn out in the end and God is with us right now.

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