Family Life

With the hectic pace of life—juggling work and school schedules, figuring out three meals every day, chauffeuring kids to their various extra-curricular activities—sometimes it can be pretty tough to carve out meaningful, face-to-face family time. That’s why we created Family Life Night ... a place where your family can spend quality time together while building relationships and investing in your marriage.

Every Monday night, everyone (7th grade and up) gathers for worship in the Auditorium. Following worship, you can choose to either attend the featured class of the week or remain in the Auditorium for the main session to hear a relevant message from one of our Gateway pastors or special guests. You even have the option to participate in one of our many topical classes related to marriage (prep, enrichment, crisis support), parenting, sexuality, and single parent families. Afterward, you’ll have time to discuss what you’ve learned in a small group or just enjoy connecting with your family and friends in a relaxed and unstructured environment.

Join us this Monday evening and bring your whole family with you ... you won’t regret it! 

Children’s ministry is available, birth through 6th grade, but space is limited and registration is required. Register Now

Dinner is also available for you and your family, but registration is required. Register Now

For a complete list and description of our topical classes offered on Family Life Night, visit