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Being at Gateway is life-giving and being a part of the staff is life-altering. Our work culture challenges you to hear, believe, and obey what the Holy Spirit is saying about you and who you are created to be. The people here reinforce God’s truth for my life and my family’s. Because of this, it’s a blessing to serve so others can experience that same truth.

I started as bookstore manager of Gateway’s Grand Prairie Campus in February 2016. I had just come from working in a highly competitive (and often stressful) digital advertising sales position that was like night and day compared to Gateway.

One of my greatest moments at Gateway was meeting with my supervisor for the first time in “oversight”—a regularly scheduled sit-down with your boss to discuss anything. I had been working for Gateway for a month and didn’t know what to expect. I thought I’d hear about things I needed to work on; instead my supervisor spoke life over me. Sometimes you can’t see where you’ve been wounded, but our Father does, and He will have others speak the truth you need to hear. There might have been a lot of dust in the room that day, or I might have gotten a little emotional.

That first oversight meeting changed the way I lead today, and those meetings have been some of the best times for growth in my life. With your supervisor, you have someone who’s willing to walk through all of life’s ups and downs with you—someone who is for you and your family. Not all of my oversight meetings have been earthshattering, but there have been a few. It’s made me listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading more because you never know how it can change someone’s life.

Our Father is in charge of what happens to us, and everything comes from Him. My transition from bookstore manager to associate director of bookstore operations to now director of central bookstores ties in with Luke 16:10: “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much ... .” (NASB). I know the Lord is in control and is my provider. I know He put me in this position, and I want to be faithful in my assignment.