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I went to college for film and video, something I am very passionate about. During that time, I was attending Gateway Young Adults services and thought it would be awesome to create content for Gateway and use my talent in a way that helps build the kingdom.

In January 2015, I met the Young Adults’ media coordinator and shared with him about my degree and what I was going to school for as well as my dream of producing video content for a church. Sometime later, he gave the Young Adults’ pastor my name. Two weeks after that, I interviewed and was on staff with Gateway. I worked for Young Adults for two years, then I merged into a role that served both Gateway Students and Gateway Young Adults ministries. In August 2018, I applied for the filmmaker position on the communications team and have been in that role ever since.

I’ve learned and grown a lot while working for Gateway. During my time here, I’ve been able to sharpen my skills as a filmmaker, deepen my spiritual walk, and experience blessings in my personal life.