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In 2015 my husband and I were living in New Mexico. We were newly married and really seeking the Lord about what He wanted for our lives. My friends and I decided to take a girls’ trip to attend Pink Impact at Gateway. During the first session, I texted my husband that I felt like I was home. I didn’t want to leave when the conference came to an end, but in my heart I knew we would be back. When we made the move in 2016, we got involved and became members right away.

The crazy thing is that now I work full-time for Gateway overseeing all of the creative and marketing for Pink Impact! Only in my wildest dreams could I ever have seen that. But the Lord knew. It’s really special to me that God used the very thing I was called to do to bring my family exactly where He wanted us to be—exactly where we desired to be. Working for Gateway has been the healthiest work experience of my life! It’s impacted my life and relationship with God in the most amazing way. I’m challenged every day in my faith and surrounded by the most incredible people. I feel valued every day. There’s no other place I’d rather be!