Zach Neese

Zach Neese

Areas of Ministry: I oversee all areas of worship development including discipleship, equipping and training classes. Worship Development works to prepare and include members of Gateway Church in the Worship Department. I also lead worship at the NFW Campus, provide worship department pastoral care, network with other worship leaders, train and advise.

Family: Wife—Jen (since 1997); Two sons—Simeon and Samuel; Four daughters— Judah, Charis, Maggie and Nora.

Saved: The summer of 1994. Ask me. My kids are still young and would never understand that their hero (Dad) was close kin to the Devil himself. Jesus stooped down so low to lift me up. Until they are old enough to understand, it would be irresponsible to put my testimony in print.

Education: I got my B.A. in English from UT Austin (after trying art, advertising, pre-med and astronomy), then became Secondary Ed certified.

Previous Lines of Work: I mostly worked as a teacher of one stripe or other before entering fulltime ministry. I also worked with emotionally disabled kids and was an Autism Therapist. I served as a Youth and Worship Pastor for five years before becoming the Director of the Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) School of Worship. Since then, I have primarily been leading worship and training worship leaders.

One of the Things I Find Most Fascinating: The cross never ceases to amaze me.

Book: Flint by Louis L’Amour and Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers for good clean fun; Pablo Neruda’s The Captai’s Verse for spicy romance. To Kill a Mockingbird, The Last of the Mohicans, and The Count of Monte Cristo as classics. C.S. Lewis’ ’Till We Have Faces for thought and the Bible for life.
Food: Dark chocolate
Snack Food: See above
Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
TV Show: I don’t have time for TV.
Music: CD—I Love Everybody by Lyle Lovett; Band—Gateway Worship; Song—“And So it Goes” by Billy Joel. Also, Townes Van Zandt, Simon and Garfunkel, Rich Mullins, Jack Johnson, The Police, Harry Nillson, Switchfoot, Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams, Journey, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Dire Straights, Queen, U2, the Beatles and Mozart … to name a few.
Actor/Actress: Don't care
Time of Day: Mornings and sunsets—anything but cloudy days
Season: Fall and Spring
Place in the World: Home
Place to Pray: Wherever I am
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Play with my kids. I used to be more “interesting,” but now I’m just in love.
Scriptures: Romans 12:1, Philippians 3:10
Sports Team: Don’t care
Sport: I love to play, but hate to watch. I’ve had the most fun climbing and snowboarding, but it’s been a while.

Food: Fried Chicken
Snack Food: White chocolate (sacrilege)
Time of Day: The middle of the night. I prefer to sleep through it.
Season: Summer. If I had a choice, the temperature would never exceed 80 degrees. That is my only complaint against Texas.
Place in the World: How do I answer this without hurting someone’s feelings?
Sports Team: Don’t care

Best Thing Someone Said to You: “You make me love Jesus more.”

Life Motto: He who knows, knows that he knows not.

People I’d Like to Meet: After you meet Jesus, everyone else is pretty unimpressive. I guess I wouldn’t mind picking David’s brain, Moses’, or Jesus’ parents (Mary and Joseph). I have two sons in heaven that I am looking forward to meeting very much.

My Hero: Is this a trick question?

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: Life.

Most People Don’t Know This About Me: My grandmother was a synchronized swimming coach. I was too young to know that it wasn’t a cool guy pursuit, so now I’m the only man I know who can do a Flamingo Bent Knee.