Areas of Ministry: I have been involved in Gateway Women since Gateway began.

Family: Robert Morris (married May, 1980); Josh (son) & Hannah (daughter-in-law), Grady (grandson) and Willow (granddaughter); James (son) & Bridgette (daughter-in-law), Parker and Mitchell (grandsons); Elaine (daughter) & Ethan (son-in-law), Addelynn & Katelynn (granddaughters) and Preston (grandson).

Saved: I was in the fifth grade. My grandmother, who had presented the gospel to me, had just died, and I wanted to know the God of my grandmother.

Previous Lines of Work: My first job was working at a movie theater concession stand.


Supporting Staff

Jan Greenwood

Pastor, Women

Stephanie Kelsey

Associate Pastor, Gateway Women

Lynda Grove

Pastor, Women

Sandy Jobe

Associate Pastor, Pink & Family Life