Areas of Ministry: I have been involved in Pink (Gateway Women) since Gateway began.

Family: Robert Morris (married May, 1980); Josh (son) & Hannah (daughter-in-law), Grady (grandson) and Willow (granddaughter); James (son) & Bridgette (daughter-in-law), Parker and Mitchell (grandsons); Elaine (daughter) & Ethan (son-in-law), Addelynn & Katelynn (granddaughters).

Saved: I was in the fifth grade. My grandmother, who had presented the gospel to me, had just died, and I wanted to know the God of my grandmother.

Previous Lines of Work: My first job was working at a movie theater concession stand.


Supporting Staff

Jan Greenwood

Pastor, Pink (Gateway Women)

Stephanie Kelsey

Associate Pastor, Pink (Gateway Women)

Lynda Grove

Associate Pastor, Pink (Gateway Women), Southlake Campus

Sandy Jobe

Associate Pastor, Pink (Gateway Women) & Family Life, Grand Prairie Campus