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Vote Under God

From local leaders to our next president, your vote has an impact on the future of our nation. During the 2020 elections, you have an opportunity to vote according to the biblical values you hold as a Christian.

The leaders we elect will influence important issues, such as:

  • The definition of marriage.
  • The right to life.
  • Healthcare.
  • The national debt.
  • Our religious freedoms.

The few moments it takes to cast your vote will affect generations to come. Take advantage of your right to vote, and encourage your family and friends to vote as well. Every vote matters!

To check your voter registration status, download voter guides, and learn more about the importance of voting, visit

Important Texas Election Dates
Tuesday, Oct 13 | First Day of General Election Early Voting
Friday, Oct 30 | Last Day of General Election Early Voting
Tuesday, Nov 3 | General Election

Not from Texas?
Find out more about your state elections.