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Throughout my life I have always found the most joy in helping others. When I came to work for Gateway in June 2018, I found out that it is possible to have this in your working life! Not only do I get to serve others but also I go to bed knowing every day I’m making a difference in God’s kingdom. This really ignites my passion for my job!

One neat thing about working here is the opportunity to volunteer. There are several events throughout the year, but my favorite by far is Gateway Conference. Every year leaders from all over the world gather to learn about ministry and how Gateway does things. It is really inspiring to interact with someone who has traveled across the globe to discover how to better serve others.

The work environment at Gateway is amazing; it’s like having a second family! We are there for each other spiritually and do not hesitate to pray when a coworker has a need. When I was dealing with a lot of anxious thoughts, not only did one of my coworkers pray with me, but she also blocked off time to talk with me about what was going on. Working here has been such a blessing to me.

In 2009, when I got my graduate degree in project management, I remember thinking, Lord, I don’t know how this degree will help You, but I am going to trust You. Flash forward 10 years, and I was having lunch with my Gateway coworkers who were telling me I’d be perfect for a new role in our department—a project manager. I went through the application process, and in April 2020, I became the project manager for the finance department! Looking back, I see God’s hand in how this was set up. Whenever I hear of someone looking for a job, I always suggest working here.