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Mike Foltynski

Executive Operations Director

Mike Foltynski is the executive operations director of Gateway Church where he oversees multiple departments including campus development & building services, finance & accounting, central purchasing, human resources & staff development, central facilities & logistics, Gateway Café, Gateway Bookstore, safety services, information technology, digital strategy, and legal.

He previously served in executive leadership roles for firms that provide support services management in the healthcare industry. His experience began in operations and evolved into client retention and business development in a multi-state region.

While God has used Mike significantly both in the marketplace and in ministry, nothing compares to the day he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Mike was 18 years old when he was invited to a church service at Victory Christian Center in Rancho Mirage, California. He felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a way he’ll never forget when he raised his hand during the salvation invitation and surrendered his life to the Lord. Since that day his life has never been the same.

Mike has been married to his beautiful wife, Patricia, since 2002, and they have two amazing children: James and Hannah.