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a way in the wilderness

A Way in the Wilderness

A Gateway Series

In this series, Pastor Robert shows us how Jesus is the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecies about the coming Messiah. And because we have placed our hope and trust in Jesus, He transforms our wilderness into a garden overflowing with abundance.

Here Am I. Send Me.

May 25, 2019
Dave Roever

Vietnam War veteran and Purple Heart recipient Dave Roever shares how God can turn tragedy into triumph.

Gateway congregation

The Stench Behind the Stone

April 27, 2019
Dr. Jon Chasteen

Dr. Jon Chasteen, the president of The King’s University, uses the story of Lazarus to discuss God’s desire to mend our pain.

Pastor Robert Morris

The Last Three Days

April 19, 2019
Robert Morris

Pastor Robert explains that what each of us believes about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection makes all the difference for our future.

The Last Week

April 13, 2019
Robert Morris

Pastor Robert takes a look at what Jesus chose to do and say during His last week on earth, and how it applies to us today.

Say Yes

April 6, 2019
Ethan Fisher

Pastor Ethan Fisher shares how God shapes us into the person He wants us to be.

The Kings of Babylon

The Kings of Babylon

A Gateway Series

Pastor Robert Morris brings to life the stories of four ancient kings and relates them to the struggles God’s people still face today and, more importantly, His redemptive plan that awaits us all.

Life Giving

A Gateway Series

In Life Giving, a new series from Pastor Jimmy Evans, you’ll learn about the blessings that come with a life of generosity. This series will teach you that generosity doesn’t just bless those around you, it’s truly life giving to you as well.

Beyond Blessed

A Gateway Series

For almost 20 years, Pastor Robert has been teaching the Church how moving from selfishness to generosity is the key to living a blessed life, because it not only transforms your finances but also every area of your life.

First Conference 2019

A Gateway Series

As a Gateway family, we dedicate the first of each year to the Lord with this annual churchwide conference.

Discover His Kingdom Purpose

January 5, 2019

This weekend, James Robison is speaking a message titled "Discover His Kingdom Purpose" where he shares how God answers prayer, uses imperfect people, and gives us compassion and courage when we surrender everything to Him.

Getting There Isn't Guaranteed

December 29, 2018
Preston Morrison

This weekend, Preston Morrison delivers a message titled "Getting There Isn't Guaranteed" where he shares four pieces of wisdom for the new year.

Christmas Candlelight Services

December 22, 2018
Robert Morris

Our Christmas Candlelight Services are filled with your favorite Christmas carols, a timely message from Pastor Robert, the classic candle-lighting moment, and more.

The Seven Words of Christmas

The Seven Words of Christmas

December 8, 2018
Robert Morris

This weekend, Pastor Robert shares a very special Christmas message about “The Seven Words of Christmas.” 

Blessed Families

A Gateway Series

Every family is different—with their own wins, struggles, and personalities. But what’s the secret to having a truly happy home life? In this series, Pastor Robert talks about God’s design for families and how to live in His blessing for your family.

The Spirit-Powered Life: Living Relaxed

November 24, 2018
Jimmy Witcher

This weekend, Pastor Jimmy Witcher is sharing a message titled “The Spirit-Powered Life: Living Relaxed” where he asks whether we are working in our own strength or allowing the Holy Spirit to power us.

The Final Word

November 10, 2018
Max Lucado

This weekend, special guest Max Lucado is sharing a powerful message titled “The Final Word” where he describes how Jesus’ final word on the cross impacts us today.

To the Unnamed Girl

November 3, 2018
Josh Morris

This weekend, Pastor Josh Morris is sharing a message titled "To the Unnamed Girl" where he discusses what we can learn from the healing story of Naaman in 2 Kings.

Defeating the Giants in Your Life

Defeating the Giants in Your Life

October 6, 2018
Tony Evans

This weekend, special guest Dr. Tony Evans shares a message titled "Defeating the Giants in Your Life" where he talks about how to fight the Goliaths separating us from our future.

El Ro-ee: The God Who Sees Me

El Ro-ee: The God Who Sees Me

September 29, 2018
Jonathan Bernis

This weekend at Global Impact Weekend, special guest Jonathan Bernis is sharing a message titled “El Ro-ee: The God Who Sees Me” where he uses the story of Sarai and Hagar to discuss how God sees us when things are tough.

More than Words

A Gateway Series

Sixty-six books. One thousand, one hundred eighty-nine chapters. Written over the course of 1,500 years, the Bible is so much more than a big, old book—its pages include life-giving revelation and power, if we know how to read it. In this series, Pastor...

Bring a Friend

A Gateway Series

This series includes a special, three-part message from Pastor Robert on eternity and a message our favorite comedian, Michael Jr.

The Best Day of Your Life

A Gateway Series

Pastor Jimmy Evans delivers a fascinating and inspiring series about what to look forward to when Jesus returns—new heavens, new earth, new bodies, new homes—and how it applies to your life right now. You won’t want to miss it!

Religious Freedoms Under Fire

Religious Freedoms Under Fire

June 30, 2018
Kelly Shackelford

This weekend, special guest Kelly Shackelford shares a message titled “Religious Freedoms Under Fire" where he talks about how we can stand strong when our religious freedoms are under attack.

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