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Session 1

Welcome to the Family

How being in community is vital to growing in our faith.


Membership Form

If you’re ready to become a member, complete our Membership Form.


To the Jew First & Your Family

Pastor Greg Stone shares a sermon about what “to the Jew first” means.


Church Government

Pastor Tom Lane shares about Gateway’s biblically based government structure.


Transitioning Well

Pastor Todd Lane shares about the importance of transitioning well when joining a new church.


Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith Our Statement of Faith describes what we believe as a church.


Gateway’s Position Papers

Our Position Papers detail Gateway’s position on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, eschatology, salvation, and more.

Connect With Us

Get in a Group

Find a group of people you can grow with and have fun with!

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Join a Class

Beyond Growth Path, we have even more classes you can get connected with.

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Request Pastoral Care

If you’re hurting or experiencing a major life event, we’d like to be there for you.

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Find an Event

Explore what’s going on at your campus.

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Continue Your Growth Path

Session 2

Become a Follower of Jesus

Hearing, believing, and obeying God in every area of life.

Session 3

Build God's Kingdom

Learning why God has given each of us unique gifts and talents.

Session 4

It’s All About People

Why what’s most important to God should be most important to us.