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Women | Biblical Citizens | Veronica McFadden

Group Type: Women
Campus: FRS
The American Story

America is unique. No other nation in the world has experienced the widespread levels of stability, individual prosperity, and personal freedoms that have defined this nation. What made us different from other nations? Was it the people, the principles, or the blessing of God? It was all three, and they caused America to become the most exceptional nation in the history of the world.

Our past is filled with captivating accounts of the brave and the cowardly; of heroes and villains; of atrocities, corruption, and greed as well as self-sacrifice, honor, and redemption. America is not perfect. Yet we have a compelling story of those seeking religious and civil freedom, escaping oppression, pursuing opportunity, and often joining hands to achieve common goals. The American Story highlights this cooperation and presents some of the interesting moments and people that reveal God's Providence in America. We have a fascinating history that must be remembered.

Beginning September 13th we are doing an 8 week book study on The American Story by David & Tim Barton. There will be videos and discussion time each morning. Please contact Veronica McFadden at 972-989-8612 regarding any questions you may have.

Please read pages 15-36 prior to the first gathering.