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The Other Wisemen: A Musical Comedy

What do you do when you’ve spent your whole life preparing to join the ranks of the highly esteemed magi, but the moment it’s about to happen, the door slams shut in your face? Why, you set off to find a new king to serve, of course!

The Other Wisemen is a comedic musical caper following the misadventures of the Farzan sisters (and the companions they pick up along the way) as they attempt to track down the king, narrowly missing him at every turn ... for 33 years! On their quest they encounter many colorful characters, some who assist, some who resist, some you already know, and some fabricated for the show. By the end of their journey, Darina, Cyrena, and Essie not only learn valuable lessons about themselves and their place in the world, but they also discover the secret behind what it takes to truly be Wisemen.

With original music, a hilarious cast of characters, and much, much more, this entertaining and heartfelt show is one you won’t want to miss!

Southlake Campus Live Performances

Admission is free, but seat reservations are required. Register Now

Children’s ministry is available (birth through sixth grade).

Southlake Campus
Wednesday, December 8 | 7 pm
Thursday, December 9 | 7 pm
Friday, December 10 | 7 pm
Saturday, December 11 | 1 pm, 4 pm & 7 pm
Sunday, December 12 | 10 am & 1 pm

Simulcast Performances

Admission is free; seat reservations are not required. The musical will be broadcast from our Southlake Campus. Children’s ministry is available (birth through sixth grade) for Dallas, Frisco, Grand Prairie, and NRH Campuses. Birth through 5 years old is available at the North Fort Worth Campus.

Dallas, Frisco, Grand Prairie, North Fort Worth & NRH Campuses
Saturday, December 11 | 4 pm
Sunday, December 12 | 11 am

Jackson Hole & Justin Campuses
Sunday, December 12 | 10 am

Prosper Campus
Sunday, December 12 | 11 am

Gateway Gatherings
See our Gatherings page for locations around the United States.


No matter where you are, you can experience our Christmas show online beginning Wednesday, December 8, at 7 pm (CT).