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Gateway Church Blood Drive


In April 2018, Pastor Robert almost died. He lost 50 percent of his blood and needed seven blood transfusions. According to his son Pastor Josh, who spoke at Gateway Church on the weekend Pastor Robert was released from the hospital, “If the hospital didn’t have blood ready to give him, there’s no question he would have died.”

Because of this, last summer Gateway partnered with Carter BloodCare, one of Texas’s largest blood centers, to host our first annual blood drive at each Gateway campus. We saw 1,583 people donate blood, which potentially saved 4,749 lives. Blood supply is usually at its lowest during the summer months when the need for transfusions is higher. But because of last summer’s drive, there was no blood supply shortage locally, so Gateway’s blood could even be used beyond the Metroplex!

So join us again this summer as we partner with Carter BloodCare, local businesses, nonprofits, and Chick-fil-A to provide life-saving blood! This year, our goal is to impact 10,000 lives. #giveforlife

Register to give blood here. Walk-up appointments will also be available.

To view the requirements for giving blood, visit Carter BloodCare.