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Next Steps | Blessed Stewardship

Wednesday, February 24
9–10 am
Online | Session 4 | Blessed Stewards

God owns it all! Blessed Stewardship is the third and final series of classes in Next Steps. Join us on Zoom as we explore the principle of the first; how good stewards hear, believe, and obey the voice of God; and finally, what the life of a blessed steward looks like.

You’ll learn how the biblical principles of stewardship help you grow in your relationship with God! We’ve also added a practical element to this class where you will track and categorize expenses, create a debt-repayment plan, and develop a working budget with Gateway Stewardship leaders.

Class registration is $10. We hope you can join us!

Other Times

Wednesday, March 3
7–8:30 pm
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Wednesday, March 10
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Wednesday, March 17
7–8:30 pm
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Wednesday, March 24
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Online | Session 4 | Blessed Stewards