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Take the Day Off | New Book by Pastor Robert

A constant stream of busyness can slowly wear us down and drain our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tanks. When we don’t take a Sabbath or day of rest to give our minds and emotions a break, we can never truly be at our best. If you have a weary soul, you can’t pour yourself into others at home, work, or in ministry. This is why God made taking a Sabbath one of the Ten Commandments. You must take the day off!

In Pastor Robert’s new book Take the Day Off, he explains why rest is central to your well-being, how to do it, and how helpful it can be. You’ll be inspired to experience true rest and make it a priority in the rhythm of your weekly schedule. Implementing the principle of rest positions you to function at your greatest potential in every area of your life.

Get your copy of Take the Day Off at or at the Gateway Bookstore.