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21-Day Churchwide Fast

January 1–21, 2021

As we start the year, let’s spend time in prayer and God’s Word during our 21-day fast. And for daily encouragement starting January 9, we hope you’ll enjoy reading through our new devotional, Devotions Inspired by the Principles of First Mention. Follow along with your free digital copy on or the YouVersion Bible App.

You'll also be able to dive deeper into God's Word during Pastor Robert's new sermon series, The Principles of First Mention, starting January 9. In the series, Pastor Robert takes a close look at the first time important words are mentioned in the Bible so we can get a clearer picture of principles evident throughout Scripture.

Throughout the series, join us for daily prayer on Facebook! We'll stream live from 7 to 7:30 am January 10 through 30. 

Why Should I Fast?

If there is something you’ve been praying for, working to overcome, or seeking God’s wisdom on, fasting is a perfect way to quiet all the noise and tune in to what God has to say.

The Bible is full of examples of the power of fasting and prayer. In Judges 20, after facing terrible defeat, the Israelites fasted and asked God for guidance ahead of their next battle—which they won! In Daniel 10, Daniel fasted before receiving a vision from God. And in Matthew 4, before Jesus began His ministry, He fasted 40 days.

How Should I Fast?

The best way to get started is to pray and ask the Lord for wisdom on how you should fast. Maybe you need to refrain from indulging in desserts, take a break from social media, or pause Netflix for three weeks. Once you’ve determined how you will fast, stick to it, and watch how God moves in your life!