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Don’t Spend Easter by Your Selfie!

Frisco CampusGrand Prairie CampusNorth Fort Worth CampusNRH CampusSouthlake Campus

Come be a part of an authentic community and celebrate Easter at Gateway! You’re invited to one of our 43 services across five campuses.

Family Life Night with Lisa Bevere

Southlake Campus

One of our goals for this weekly service is to bring in speakers who are field experts so we can equip you and your family to lead healthy, rewarding lifestyles. We have exciting speakers coming up you won’t want to miss!

Bless A Life

Whether it’s with your Gateway Group, your family, or by yourself, we want to encourage everyone to participate in Bless A Life. No act is too small.

Fifty-Plus Life Dinner & Dance

We are excited to present the Fifty-Plus Life Dinner & Dance! The people, music, food, and great fun will make this a memorable night. 

Pre-Order Truly Free by Robert Morris

If you’ve ever wondered, Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Why can’t I change? Take heart—there is a way out!

The Newest Issue of Studio G Is Here!

The newest issue of Studio G is here, and it's filled with new and engaging articles, including a special spotlight article with Gateway's own Amy Ford of Embrace Grace.

myGateway Easter Video Devotionals

As we move into the Easter season, myGateway is providing a way for you to deepen your relationship with the Lord through a series of video devotionals posted each Sunday. We invite you to participate as we explore Jesus’ journey to the cross and prepare to celebrate His victorious resurrection!

Fresh Start | New Life for New Believers

Receiving Jesus is the most important decision a person can ever make; it’s the beginning of a lifetime following Christ.

Contribution Statements Now Available

Contribution Statements for 2014 are now available!

Mix 56 | Vitamins Series

Frisco CampusNorth Fort Worth CampusNRH CampusSouthlake Campus

Everyone knows we need vitamins for our bodies to grow and be healthy. But what do we need to grow spiritually? 

Pink Impact 2015

Frisco CampusNorth Fort Worth CampusSouthlake Campus

You are invited to choose your campus and your weekend for Pink Impact 2015! This year, we are happy to host four LIVE events.

Father-Daughter Dinner & Dance

Gateway Men cordially invites you to our seventh annual Father-Daughter Dinner & Dance for fathers with daughters ages 8–18 at the Irving Convention Center. This is a great opportunity to have a date night with your daughter! 

Discover Your Destiny at the ID Seminar

Southlake Campus

Most of us feel God calling us to something more—something specific that is uniquely ours to offer. When we feel the weight of that calling, we often don’t know what it is or what to do about it.

Join a Gateway Golf League at Your Campus!

It’s time to hit the links because Gateway Golf is back for the 2015 season! This summer, we’re having six weeks of competition in campus-specific leagues.

KAIROS—When Eternity Steps Into Time

Southlake Campus

You’re invited to join us for KAIROS, a two day Freedom Ministries event. It’s a time for inner healing and breaking strongholds as well as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Route 7 Seminar

NRH Campus

How would you describe your use of money? No matter your financial situation or level of income, Scripture has something to say about how your finances affect your faith.

Messianic Service

NRH Campus

Join us for our April Messianic service as we welcome Gateway’s new associate pastor of Jewish Ministries, Greg Stone. During the service, Pastor Greg will share his testimony, and we’ll have a special communion service to commemorate Passover.

Summer Softball Leagues

Summer softball is just around the corner! This is a great way to have some competitive fun while connecting with your Gateway community.

Gateway Equip Southlake | Session 4

Southlake Campus

We are still going strong! Session 4 Equip classes are coming up, and we would love for you to attend.

May Messianic Service

NRH Campus

Jewish Ministries is kicking off a new series, Yeshua in the Hebrew Scriptures. Come learn from Pastors Wayne Wilks Jr. and Greg Stone about how the mysteriously divine figure, the Angel of the Lord, mentioned throughout the Hebrew Bible is Jesus. 

April Equip Classes at the NRH Campus!

NRH Campus

This semester, we’re excited to host a class with Pastor Olen Griffing! His class will be based on his recent book, Legacy Song, and is a great opportunity to meet and learn from one of Gateway’s elders. 

V! Presents: An Evening at the Symphony

Southlake Campus

All Gateway volunteers are invited to our V! Party! We’re hosting an upscale, red carpet event featuring the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Don’t miss this unforgettable night as we honor and appreciate the volunteers from every campus!

Single Parent Families Camp

You’ll have a chance to escape into the beautiful Hill Country and connect with each other, other families, and God while making family memories that will last a lifetime.


Frisco CampusNorth Fort Worth CampusSouthlake Campus

Each Habitation service features a practical, powerful message to equip you to follow God’s ways in your everyday life.

Passover Seder Celebration

NRH Campus

This significant Jewish holiday commemorates God’s deliverance of the Jewish people from their bondage in Egypt and the beginnings of the nation of Israel. Join Pastors Wayne Wilks Jr. and Greg Stone for this special celebration.

North Fort Worth Equip | Session 4

North Fort Worth Campus

We have some great classes and teachers lined up for our fourth session, and we’d love for you to join us! Get ready to connect with new people, learn new information, and enjoy greater depth with God.

Equip First Mondays

Frisco Campus

At the Frisco Campus, we are introducing Equip First Mondays as an extension of our discipleship process that’s tailor-made for you! Join us on the first Monday of each month.

Gateway Equip North Fort Worth | Session 3

North Fort Worth Campus

It’s time for another session of Gateway Equip at the North Fort Worth Campus! This is a great opportunity to meet new people, go deeper in the Word, and get closer to God.

Foundations of Stewardship | Frisco Campus

Frisco Campus

Depending on your background, the word “stewardship” may mean money management, fundraising, or even being frugal or generous. But these definitions, although somewhat accurate, don’t really encompass the full meaning of this word. 


NRH Campus

Our desire is to partner with God in teaching children freedom tools that will equip them to close any doors the enemy would attempt to open in their lives. We’ll combine a lot of fun with a lot of truth and allow God to renew their hearts and refresh their hope in who He says they are and what He has planned for them! 

Pray First

Grand Prairie CampusNorth Fort Worth CampusSouthlake Campus

 Begin your workweek by dedicating it to the Lord and inviting Him to partner with you as you represent the kingdom of God in your everyday life.

Gateway Family Vacation

Many times throughout the summer, families run in different directions because of the busyness of the season. Gateway Family Vacation combines all the elements that make summer fun and memorable.

Amazing Kids' Camp Is Coming!

Amazing Kids' Camp is just around the corner, and it’s time to register your child. This year, we’re going to Dry Gulch, U.S.A., in Oklahoma. 

Pink Impact Cruise

Pink Impact ... On the High Seas. A three-night Pink Impact Cruise experience!

Healing Rooms | Grand Prairie Campus

Grand Prairie Campus

Our trained and anointed teams partner with the Holy Spirit to minister to those in need of healing. Whether you’re sick, hurting, or suffering, our desire is to pray for your physical and emotional well-being.

North Fort Worth | Foundations of Freedom Classes

North Fort Worth Campus

These five classes are designed to set the stage for and begin your journey to freedom. Each class provides a part of a larger picture, deepening your experience of freedom as well as helping you maintain a life of freedom.

Kingdom Advisors Luncheon

Southlake Campus

Are you a financial advisor, CPA, attorney, banker, or real estate or mortgage professional and looking to grow spiritually and connect with others who advise clients on financial matters? 

Gateway Student Conference 2015

Southlake Campus

Join us for the 2015 Gateway Student Conference: No Turning Back. The conference is a place where students and youth leaders can come together for a life-changing encounter with God. 

Gateway Spring Softball League

It’s a brand new ballgame now that Gateway Spring Softball is here! Both men’s and co-ed leagues are open for players of any skill level, so there is a place for everybody to play!

Pray Today

We've added a new feature to Pray Today—worship! Pastor Robert's vision for Gateway is to have worship, the Word and prayer at every service.

Gateway Baby Registry

We love babies, and if you’re expecting, we want to celebrate with you! Register with us as soon as you learn your little one is on the way. Then look for some fun gifts in the mail.

Vehicle Donations Needed

Are you looking for a way to demonstrate the love of Christ to those in need? There are many families at Gateway Church who need a dependable car but aren’t in a financial position to purchase one.

Gateway Job Center | Post a Job! Find a Job!

We've created the Gateway Job Center to be a place where employers and job seekers within our congregation can connect with each other.

Kingdom Advisors Luncheon

Frisco Campus

Are you a financial professional, advisor, CPA, attorney, banker, real estate or mortgage professional?