Falling Dominoes

How a funeral was the catalyst for one family’s salvation story.

Twenty-five years ago, Sue Pierce had a vision. Her husband, Tim, and his family were not living for Christ, and she felt extremely alone in her prayers for them. But the Lord showed her that someday Tim’s family would “fall like dominoes before His throne, from the oldest to the youngest.”

Gateway Cafe: More Than Coffee

Early one Saturday afternoon at the Grand Prairie Campus, before any of the pastors had arrived for weekend services, coffee grinders whirred and steam rose from the espresso machine as the Gateway Café baristas prepared for the weekend rush. But the noises subsided when a woman walked in the door and approached them. Tears were in her eyes as she told the Café team about her daughter who had committed suicide the night before. The only thing she knew to do was find the nearest church and talk to someone.

Ps Greg Stone's Testimony | I Met Messiah

Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful testimony from our Associate Pastor in Jewish Ministries, Dr. Greg Stone.  Ps. Greg recorded this brief part of his story for the I MET MESSIAH movement. Eitan Bar, of ONE FOR ISRAEL, created this venue as a place to air video testimonies of Jewish professionals who met their Messiah.

For more testimonies, please visit: www.imetmessiah.com

Home Sweet Home

Daphnie Pilgrim's husband, Scott, was having a tough day at work. As a pediatric cardiologist at a hectic hospital in New York City, dealing with stress was part of the job. But that afternoon, he decided to see if there were any other employment options. After an Internet search, the nearest job opening for his highly specialized skill was at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, more than 1,500 miles away.


Two sisters changed their family’s legacy.

In 2000, after the death of her father and a trying divorce from her husband of 24 years, Beatrice Montes began drinking. Her life was in shambles. “One night, I came home scared. I had been drinking, and when I looked in the mirror, I said, ‘This is not me,’” she says. 

Home of the Brave: Gateway Veterans Share Their Stories

Veterans Day is November 11. It's a day to thank all those who are serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces. 

Heroes—men and women—serve among us every day. More than 21.8 million Americans in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard have sacrificed or are sacrificing daily their safety and security to give us freedom. Each veteran has a unique story. And this Veterans Day, Gateway wants to honor them by sharing some of their experiences.