Life Giving | A Gateway Series

Life Giving | A Gateway Series
February 9–March 3

Generosity is one of the fundamental messages taught at Gateway Church. In fact, moving from selfishness to a life of generosity is transformative to your finances as well as every area of your life.

Beyond Blessed | A Gateway Series

January 12–February 3

For almost 20 years, Pastor Robert has been teaching the Church how moving from selfishness to generosity is the key to living a blessed life, because it not only transforms your finances but also every area of your life. But before we can be generous, we have to first learn how to be faithful stewards in managing everything God entrusts to us.


Can a marriage survive a secret credit card debt this big?

When Erin Reeves received a credit card offer in the mail about four years ago, it seemed innocent enough. She and her husband, Chad, and their three kids had just moved from Florida to Texas, and without friends or family around, Erin was struggling. Buying a few things for the kids and some clothes for herself brought some relief, and while keeping it from Chad was no big deal at first, it quickly snowballed out of control.

Estate Planning

Everyone needs a will and an estate plan, regardless of age or phase of life. This workshop will make a seemingly complicated process very simple and clear. Gateway Stewardship would like to invite you to learn how to build your estate plan and learn to pass godly wisdom (before dollars) to those you value the most. You will also:


Stewardship classes help you apply biblical wisdom in your everyday finances as you gain a kingdom perspective on God’s provision and your role as a steward.