I prayed to the Lord and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4

Dance like no one is watching. Have you seen that popular phrase on coffee cups and magnets? Are magnets still a thing? We read that statement and amen the thought behind it. It resonates somewhere deep within us. Why? Why would dancing be more fun when no one is looking? One word. Fear. Dancing in public is a vulnerable place. It opens you up to immediate judgment. You know when you see someone dancing you immediately judge their skills or lack thereof.

I recently had this very experience with fear. My husband and I had the privilege to take a cruise at the end of last year. One day on the ship, we were walking past a huge lobby where two incredibly talented men were playing instruments I cannot even name. The music was Latin, and I desperately wanted to dance with Kam. We got closer and saw that there were tons of people enjoying the music but only two ladies dancing off to the side. The lobby was filled with seating and encircled with a spiraling staircase. There were people on every floor, all the way up to the 10th level enjoying the music.

When I didn't see anyone dancing, my heart sank a bit, and I figured we would just continue walking. They transitioned songs to one of our favorites. I turned to look at Kam, and he grabbed my hand and led my down to the middle. We danced and danced for several songs. We had moments that looked fine-tuned and lots of missteps followed by laughter. It was so fun, and I felt so alive!

The rest of the trip, people would stop us and say, “You were the couple that was dancing!” Many men admitted to Kam that they wish they could do the same.

Sadly, I was about to sign off on something I really wanted to do because of fear.

Fear is an invisible prison that holds you hostage to limitations that only you can remove. There is so much freedom when there is no fear. Think about that.

2nd Samuel 16:14 says, “David danced before the Lord with all of his might.” That is a man that was not held by fear. That verse sticks out to me because David was a king. He was royalty. He was dignified, but more than that, he was not limited by fear. Whether he was fighting or dancing, he knew to fear one thing: God!

What a wonderful place to be, simply fearing a loving Father and nothing else.