I will declare the decree the Lord has said to me.
Psalm 2:7 NKJV

My friend arrived in China overwhelmed with excitement and eager to explore the beauty and culture of the country. Her host escorted her to a beautiful hotel in a bustling area of the city. She had a reservation there because she was traveling alone and was assured of its safety and comfort for tourists. As she tried to check in, she was told the hotel was completely full—there was no room for her. Her host quickly assured her that she would be taken to another hotel.

When they arrived, she immediately knew she could not stay there. The hotel was in terrible shape and situated in an unsafe neighborhood. She refused to be left there and demanded the host take her back to the hotel where her reservations had been made.

She persisted despite the objections of her host. When she arrived, she demanded the hotel staff do whatever they had to do to make room for her. They actually made someone else leave so they would have room for her as the reservation promised.

When I heard her story, I was amazed that she had demanded her reservation be fulfilled—and that they did it!

Her courage made me wonder about my own. How many “missed” blessings had I walked away from because I surrendered to the limitations of the circumstances? How often has God made room for me, but I’ve surrendered my position, place, or influence because of circumstances or pressure?

David said that if we commit to God, we will be blessed. Like my traveler friend, King David had a bold courage that came from his knowledge of God’s faithfulness to perform whatever He had promised.

Make Your Mark
God is always faithful to fulfill His promises. Whatever you face today, thank God for His faithfulness and boldly stand and wait for Him to make room for you.