Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.
Isaiah 43:19 NKJV 

I like road trips. I learned to read a map years ago. It was my job on road trips to navigate our journey. We carried an atlas that was about 24 × 18 inches in size. It was like taking a book of posters with us everywhere we traveled. There was a full page for every state, and some states had multiple pages.

Years later came MapQuest. We could go online, put in our starting point and the destination, and it would map out the trip for us. We printed each step and created a file folder full of 8 × 11 inch pages mapping out our entire trips.

Now we live in the world of GPS and smart- phones. Most of the time, the GPS is a wonderful thing, but sometimes the system speaks a few seconds too late to turn and then a U-turn is needed. Many times, this scenario has become a point of contention between myself and my sweet husband. He often thinks the GPS might be wrong. As it gives a verbal command, “In 800 feet turn right,” he immediately turns and blames the error on the GPS. One time when this happened, I said, “You are the athlete, pretend it’s a football field. How far is 800 feet?” We laugh about it now. However, I should admit that it has been a tense subject on more than one occasion, especially when in traffic, or in an unfamiliar city, and when there is no time to take the scenic route. When you miss a command from the GPS, the voice says, “at your nearest opportunity, make a U-turn,” or if you veer away from the suggested route, the voice will say “return to the highlighted route.”

Recently on a road trip, we were on a very busy street and, you guessed it, my sweet husband missed his turn. For the next mile, there were “No U-turn” signs posted at every intersection. Everywhere we thought would be a perfect place to turn around and get back on the original path was illegal.

The Lord used that situation to speak so clearly to me. I was reminded that He does not post “No U-turn” signs at every intersection. Quite the opposite. It is His heart that when we step out of bounds or get off the intended path, that we turn around. He calls it repentance.

Repentance is a good thing. It is in those times that He begins to nudge us ever so sweetly to turn around and return to the highlighted route that He has so clearly detailed in the Scriptures. In fact, sometimes we hear that still, small voice quickening our heart, saying, “This might be the wrong way!” That’s when it is time to make a U-turn at the nearest opportunity.

Make Your Mark
Do you need to make a U-turn? Why are you afraid of turning around? What lies have you believed that prevent you from admitting that you’re wrong? U-turn means a fresh start. It is a Do-Over. Ask the Lord for a fresh start today.