With God on our side we will win; he will defeat our enemies.
Psalm 108:13 GNT

This is the rally cry of my son’s football team. This year they are being led by a new coach who is developing a mindset of victory. Following several years of heavy defeats and losing seasons, my son had begun to lose his love for the sport. When a new coach arrived on the scene, however, things began to shift.

My son went from "I’m not sure it’s worth it" to shouts of "We will win!"

I’ve thought quite a bit about how that happened.

Coach spent some time getting to know the players before he revealed his strategy. He addressed their mindset first. They felt like losers. He began to declare they were winners. Then he set about conditioning their bodies 
for endurance. He aligned them as a team in positions of strength. He made them push themselves beyond their previous limits, and then he surrounded them with words of courage and shouts of victory.

At first, when my son shared the rally cry, he kind of shrugged his shoulders. He thought
 the rally cry was a little overly optimistic. Nevertheless, he’s a leader—so he shouted "We will win!" among the loudest, demonstrating his willingness to try. Slowly, day by day and practice by practice, he began to believe.

We will win! We will win! We will win!

I am talking about football, but I hear a war cry of the Spirit.

Scripture tells us that we are in a battle with principalities and powers. The enemy, Satan, has many warriors on his side. The ultimate prize for that battle is not a football trophy—it is the souls of men and women.

Some days, the enemy gets the upper hand 
and we experience defeat. Just as we stretch out and take a step, it seems we stumble or fall. What seems within our reach sometimes slips from our fingers.

We must follow Christ who will release us from a mindset of defeat to one of victory. You can be confident in knowing that the ultimate outcome of this war we fight has already been determined. Christ has finished the work on the cross. He has disarmed darkness, taken back the keys to death and hell, and seated Himself at the right hand of the Father. We will win—because He has won.

Make Your Mark
Whether you enjoyed the thrill of victory or faced a setback of your own this week, commit to fight on with confidence. Put yourself through the paces. Address your mindset first. Begin by declaring, “We will win!” Then condition your heart for endurance. Position yourself in faith. Trust God and fight with courage and shouts of victory. Follow the example of the ultimate leader—Jesus Christ. Remember: He has already won.