Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
—Luke 2:52 NIV 

Jesus spent most His life doing just what you and I do. He woke every morning to face the routines of the day. Like many of us, He got up and went to work. We rarely think about it, but He was a businessman, working as a carpenter. He must have faced mundane routines and the complications that come from relationships.

I like to imagine Jesus in His workplace. I wonder if customers would stop in for routine business transactions only to feel the warmth of His love and experience a change in atmosphere. Maybe Joseph arrived at the shop to find his colleagues fascinated by His Son. Did they linger over small talk of wood and nails just to be near Him?

My husband and I married shortly after I graduated from Texas A&M University. He had some schooling left to finish, and we settled into our first home together in College Station, Texas. As you can imagine, the job market in a college town is bursting with applicants. After trying to find a job that fit my major, I decided to take a temporary job as the technical assistant to a team of engineers.

After the newness wore off, I found myself struggling with the boring routine of my duties 
in a negative environment where complaining 
and disparaging comments about management abounded. One morning during my time with
the Lord, He helped me realize that I had begun 
to adopt the same attitudes, and He challenged
 me to bring His kindness, love, and hope into the situation. I learned to do my part through doing simple acts of kindness, keeping a positive attitude, and refusing to listen to the grumblings of my coworkers. Soon I found myself counseling and encouraging others. Even the engineers I worked for began complimenting my contribution to the office and rewarded me with a promotion.

My coworkers thanked me for brightening their work day and for the influence I was having in their personal lives. I was taken by surprise. I was enjoying meeting my challenge. Suddenly the mundane routines had become fulfilling, though it didn’t seem to me that I was doing anything extraordinary. I prayed daily that the Lord would use me to bless others and give me wisdom as I faced challenging conversations, but I was simply finding practical ways to love and bless others.

Luke 2:52 tells us that as Jesus grew up, He also grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. We can find comfort knowing that He can relate to our everyday life and that, if we ask, He will cause us to also grow in wisdom and favor. Our workplace can be an opportunity for others to feel the warmth of His love and a change in the atmosphere.

Make Your Mark
Ask God to increase your wisdom and stature in your workplace. Pray about your place of employment and your coworkers and how you can bless them. Invite the Lord into your workplace and extend His love to everyone you encounter.