Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
—Proverbs 3:5 NIV 

A job is just a job, or is it? And does it have to be? These are the questions I asked myself when my career path hit a dead end with a resounding thud. My crossroads moment came suddenly, as
I realized there was absolutely no way I could get another promotion in my field, no matter how hard I worked. I needed additional education, but the last thing I wanted to do was go back to school. Just the idea was paralyzing. I had too many responsibilities in my daily life. It was too hard—too much. It wasn’t until I connected with a childhood memory that I began to think differently.

My childhood experience is likely familiar to you. Remember the first time you rode a bicycle. Were you excited? Of course you were! Did you manage to ride the bike very far the first time? Probably not. Chances are, like me, you had your share of skinned knees and bruised elbows.

Now, fast forward to today. What comes to mind when you think of riding that same bicycle?

You may remember the wind blowing through your hair or the group rides you made with your friends to get a soda or candy. My point is that few of us daydream about the crashes we made on the concrete. I vividly recall flying down unpaved neighborhood roads, arms high in the air, exhilarated by my own daredevil performance. Tears and Band-Aid moments from those days are dim and vague.

Just like learning to ride my bike, returning to college for my MBA turned out to be both bumpy and fun. More than my grades, I battled with daunting insecurities as to whether there would be enough time, money, and energy to accomplish my goals. I also lived in a state of uncertainty whether there would be positions available when I graduated that would make enduring the experience worth the effort.

Eventually, I completed my degree. Going back to school opened career doors that otherwise would not have been possible. I realized then how important it is not to get mired down in your current circumstances. In almost every career situation, there are options; upgrading your education, moving to another company, or even starting over in a new field.

I’m grateful I took the risk. I am thankful I pressed on during the bad days. Paul speaks of pressing on toward the goal in Philippians 3:12. Today, I can honestly say it was well worth the ride.

As you contemplate new prospects there will
 be a host of emotional battles. If you don’t fight them head on, then you risk never fulfilling your potential. You need to develop a tolerance for greater risk. After all, a job doesn’t have to be
 just a job. It can be the place where your passion lives. It can be a place for learning and growth and thereby a stepping-stone to a greater vision. It will definitely be a place where God has called you to serve and glorify Him in new ways. 

Make Your Mark 
Are you considering the limitations of your current position? Are you dreaming of a job that is more fulfilling or rewarding? If so, seek God for a vision for your future and ask Him what must be done to move in that direction. Once you have made the decision to move ahead, don’t give up. Go ahead and take off those training wheels and discover the joy of riding into a new season.