“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16

Let’s be honest with each other. We all love to feel appreciated, to feel seen. Maybe you’re not the “hog the spotlight” type, but everyone feels good when others recognize their talents. But as believers, we can sometimes feel trapped between the need for acknowledgement and our striving to humbly direct all the glory to God. This can be especially hard when our talents necessitate being the center of attention.

Because our need to be applauded seems to be at odds with our humble desire to give God the credit, we may deal with the conflict by avoiding attention all together. Hiding may seem like a solution, but when we handle it this way, we’re actually doing what Matthew 5 instructs us NOT to do—put our light under a bushel. The truth is, it doesn’t help anyone when you shy away from using the gifts that God took so much pleasure in giving you.

Here’s what you can do instead: change your audience. In the world, we perform for the approval of others, but in the kingdom, we are motivated by God’s applause. And the best part? God LOVES to applaud you! He’s like that dad in the stands, cheering at every swing His daughter makes—whether it ends in a homerun or a well-meant fumble. Or when the recital is over, He’s the first One on His feet clapping, elbowing the guy next to Him and saying, “That’s My little girl. Isn’t she amazing?!” If God’s opinion is our sole concern, we don’t have to be afraid of letting our light shine. Because when it’s clear to the world we are motivated by God’s love and not by their short-lived applause, God is glorified.

So, what about you? How can you let God’s love shine through your talents and actions? Is there any area of your life you’ve been holding back instead of allowing God to use it for His purposes? This year’s theme for Pink Impact is “Make Your Mark,” and as Pastor Debbie says, “Make Your Mark" isn’t about seeking personal glory and fame or building your own platform; it is about being so marked by the love of God that we can’t help but reach out to others to make Christ known.” Let’s ask God how He would like us to use our talents to display His love and draw others to Christ.

Lord, we love how You made us all unique, each of us with something special to contribute. Thank You for being our number one cheerleader, applauding us on as we use our talents to bring You glory. We pray that when the world sees our good works, it will cause them to know You.