Do I have to be a member to be baptized at Gateway Church?

No. We invite any person—member or not—to follow the Lord’s direction and be baptized.

Can a family member or friend baptize me?

Yes! We invite any believer who has been baptized by full immersion and is a member of Gateway Church to participate in the baptism ceremony.

What do I wear during the baptism?

We request that you bring shorts or a modest bathing suit to wear during the baptism. The church will give you a shirt to wear that you may take home with you. You may also want to wear water shoes or flip-flops.

Will the church provide towels?

Yes, we will provide a towel for you to use during this event.

Do I need to bring anything else with me?

Please bring dry clothes to change into following the baptism and a plastic bag for your wet clothes.

Is there a reception following the baptism?

The Frisco Campus hosts a celebration on the patio during Churchwide Water Baptisms. 

I have already registered. What should I do when I arrive at the campus?

Upon arrival, go to the water baptism check-in table and complete the registration form. The Water Baptism team will direct you where to go next.

Can my young children be baptized?

Children 5 years and older may be water baptized.  Water baptism is a public declaration made because of a personal decision to follow Christ, and we want children to have full awareness and understanding of salvation before participating in water baptism.  We have baby and child dedication services to honor a parent’s decision to dedicate their children’s lives to the Lord.

What is the process if my child is getting baptized? Do I drop my child off or go through the class with them?

Your participation is completely up to you! We will have a water baptism registration table set up to provide you with all of the necessary information and a timeline for the event. After checking your child in, you are welcome to join the class, or we will have ushers available to escort your child to class.