We encourage you to get involved in our ministry through any of the volunteer opportunities listed below.

Stewardship Volunteer Requirements:

  • Gateway member (attend Catch the Vision)
  • Faithful tither
  • Attend the Foundational Stewardship Training
  • Meet with a pastor from Gateway Stewardship
  • Complete the Heart of a Steward classes (available online)
  • Commit to serve for a season

Below are some opportunities for involvement in Gateway Stewardship:

Financial Hope Workshop
A seven-week course that provides hands-on assistance through group coaching and a deliberate process for getting out of debt, budgeting, and saving.

  • Financial Coach/Table Leader: Two table leaders sit with 6–9 participants throughout the course. The table leaders facilitate discussion, encourage attendee growth, and assist with setting up a debt snowball, budget, and savings plan. This class provides accountability by checking homework every week, calling table participants once per week, and participating in pre-class prayer and preparation.

Financial Peace University 
A nine-week course featuring videos of Dave Ramsey that teach the basics of personal finance.

  • Coordinators: Organize and coordinate all volunteers; work directly with Stewardship staff to ensure materials are ordered, a room is reserved, and advertising is taken care of; follow up with class leaders to support.
  • Class Leaders: Introduce each FPU video, prepare material, and lead the small group leaders before, during, and after each class; capture and organize debt pay-off, savings, attendance record, testimonies, credit card pay-offs and cut-ups, and support small group leaders with difficult situations.
  • Small Group Leaders: Facilitate a small group of 8–20 attendees for 10–20 minutes at the end of each video; build relationships with attendees, encourage them, share personal testimony as needed, and send weekly emails to a small group to help them in their journey.

Financial Fitness
A monthly program for anyone in the congregation to receive hands-on assistance with various aspects of their finances.

  • Fitness Coordinator: Work directly with the Stewardship staff to ensure a room is reserved, dates are arranged, and advertising is coordinated. Introduce each class with an overview of Gateway Stewardship. Support leaders and coaches, coordinate volunteers and encourage the growth of the Financial Fitness program.                                                                                                           
  • Financial Coach: Assist attendees with various financial basics and a biblical view of their situation. Provide encouragement and be able to assist with the debt snowball plan, budgeting forms, and basic savings techniques. Work with other volunteers to help attendees connect with a leader who can help them in their situation.

Career Ministry

  • Career Ministry Coordinator: Oversee volunteers, update content, teach sections of the class, and train future volunteers.
  • Seminar Table Leader/Coach: Facilitate a discussion at the table during the seminar, coach participants during the event (and potentially through Financial Fitness career sessions), and lead table activities during the event.
  • Personal Career Coach: One-on-one coaching—review resumes/cover letters and interview preparation; can be done via email or in person. 

Kingdom Advisors
Kingdom Advisors is a community of Christian financial professionals integrating faith and practice for Kingdom impact. This group meets once a month, during the lunch hour, at the Southlake, Dallas, and Frisco Campuses. Gateway provides lunch, a DVD of teaching hosted by Ron Blue from the Kingdom Advisors organization, an opportunity to become a Qualified Kingdom Advisor and receive CPE credits for attendance, and finally become a Qualified Kingdom Advisor at Gateway Church through additional training and commitment at Gateway. 

Estate Planning
Gateway Church partners with the nonprofit organization, Financial Planning Ministry (FPM), to provide a workshop educating its members on the importance of an estate plan, then Gateway provides follow-up meetings for those interested in creating a living trust through FPM. Gateway provides the education and personalized estate plan at no cost or obligation to its members. Our desire is to help our members better steward the resources God has provided to them, protecting their family, and ensuring their wishes are followed upon their passing.

Car Donation Ministry
Due to the generosity of Gateway members, about 100 vehicles are donated to Gateway Church each year. Our department then inspects the vehicles donated and matches those that are in good working condition to families in need. For the vehicles that don't run or aren't appropriate for donation, the proceeds are utilized to repair and prep suitable vehicles for donation.  

Equip Class Teacher
Stewardship provides a variety of practical and spiritual opportunities for Equip classes at each Gateway campus. Attendance at the teacher presentation training is required. Teachers develop, practice, and deliver stewardship ministry content to groups of 10–50 attendees, facilitate the operation of classes, and support other stewardship classes as needed.

Class Assistant
Those who serve as Class Assistants, greet attendees warmly, ensure the room is set up properly, distribute the handouts. They also track attendance, homework completion, and records for class metrics.

Campus Champion
Campus Champion is the communication link between the Stewardship staff, and the campus ministry and volunteers. Campus Champions have served with Stewardship for several years and have a strong grasp of how Gateway serves its members through this ministry. They might teach classes, implement new classes, oversee campus volunteer groups, or run training on the campus.