Thank you so much for your interest in donating your vehicle to bless someone else! We greatly appreciate you allowing God to work through you to bless another family. 
There's a short process required for you to donate your vehicle to us. The first thing you will need to do is fill out the paperwork below. 
1.) Please fill out this affidavit.
This document must be notarized, and we cannot accept the title or vehicle without this form. Please make sure that everybody's name that appears on the vehicles title signs each document.
2.) You will need to sign the back of your vehicle title if it is a Texas Title. Other states titles may be different.
3.) Please sign on bottom of the page under certification on this document. If there are two names on the title,  please have the other person sign on the next line. (It is not necessary for you to fill out anything besides the signatures.)
4.) We will also need your social security number and current address for tax write-off purposes so please download our tax donation form.
Tax Write-Offs:
Please download and fill out the IRS donation form we provide. Once we determine the value of your vehicle, we will fill out the appropriate information that you can use for your tax write-off and mail it to you.  
For any questions, please email Barry Nations at 
Thank you for your generosity!