Join us each month for a Kingdom Advisors Luncheon which offers in-depth training and a tight-knit community for Christian financial professionals who want to integrate their faith with their practice. You will receive a short thought-provoking training video, fellowship, and a complimentary lunch (all within your lunch period) 11:45 am to 1:00 pm. There is a new topic each month that will challenge your thinking about financial matters and client interaction. You will be encouraged in your faith and inspired in your purpose and calling as a Christian financial professional.

Also, invite others you know who work in the financial field (advisor, CPA, attorney, CFP, insurance, banker, real estate, mortgage professional, etc). We hope you can join us for this inspiring luncheon training each month. Everyone is welcome. This is not limited to Gateway members. 

Contact Box Insurance in Grapevine to register for their Kingdom Advisors Meetings:

Register for Dallas Campus Luncheon (Second Wednesday Monthly)

What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor?

A Certified Kingdom Advisor at Gateway Church is a qualified financial advisor who has a godly and biblical perspective of finances. KA's are trained to integrate both biblical and financial counsel. This program is designed to be a great tool for you when you need someone you can trust for professional financial advice on tax, accounting, legal, investment, insurance, and other financial matters. All Certified Kingdom Advisors at Gateway Church have gone through Kingdom Advisors training with Ron Blue and have achieved other qualifications to meet Gateway standards. We hope that you will be able to find the right person whom you can trust so that you can better steward the resources that God has entrusted to you. 

Requirements for Certified Kingdom Advisors

  • Complete the Kingdom Advisors core training (at least 16 hours).
  • Assert their belief in Jesus Christ.
  • Provide evidence of their professional competence.
  • Provide evidence of their personal integrity.
  • Commit to personal stewardship.
  • Commit to incorporating biblical wisdom into their financial advice.
  • Commit to ongoing training and development.
  • Must be a tithing member of Gateway Church.
  • Must be involved with Gateway Stewardship Ministry.
  • Must be in an accountability relationship with Gateway Church leadership.

If you have a negative experience with any of the listed advisors, let us know at