How to Donate a Vehicle


Thank you for your interest in donating your vehicle. We greatly appreciate you allowing God to work through you to bless another family. 
There's a short process required for you to donate your vehicle to Gateway Church. To get started, please follow the directions below to complete the necessary paperwork.
  1. Please complete the affidavit (PDF document). This document must be notarized; we cannot accept the title or vehicle without this form. All names that appear on the vehicle's must sign each document.
  2. Sign the back of your Texas vehicle title. Titles from other states may have different requirements.
  3. Please sign the certification on the Application for Texas Title (PDF document)If there are two names on the title, both signatures are required. (It is not necessary for you to complete the remainder of the form, just the signatures.)
  4. Your social security number and current address are required for non-cash charitable contribution record for tax returns. Once we determine the value of your vehicle, we will complete the appropriate information and mail it to you. This will allow you to complete the IRS tax form (under Downloads below) to record the donation.   
For any questions, please email Andrew Stevens at 
Thank you for your generosity!