If you would like to donate assets to Gateway Church, please reach out to us directly by contacting Joanna Collins at 817.552.7616 or email stewardship@gatewaypeople.com.

Stocks & Mutual Funds
If you are currently writing checks to your local church and favorite ministries, and you also have appreciated stocks or mutual funds in a taxable investment portfolio, you likely have a significant opportunity to pay less tax, give more, improve your personal cash flow, and simplify your giving. Please call Lori Smith at 682.223.6134 or email lori.smith@gatewaypeople.com to set up a transfer of stocks or mutual funds. 

Charitable Gift Annuities
A CGA is a simple arrangement that involves a charitable gift and an annuity. You make the gift (part of which is tax deductible), and then you receive fixed annuity payments each year for the remainder of your life. If you wish, you can have the payments go to a family member or friend instead. We work with NCF to set up charitable gift annuities, the annuity is a legally binding contract, and they have never missed an annuity payment. Learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities. 

Real Estate
Many property owners have a heart to give but feel hindered by limited cash flow and ever-growing taxes. If you're one of them, we can help you leverage your real estate so you can send more to charity than you thought possible. Learn more about Real Estate.

Business Interest
If you're running a business, our Charitable Shareholder strategy allows you to donate a non-voting interest, receive a substantial tax deduction, and still maintain management oversight. Best of all, you'll experience the joy of sending more to your favorite causes today. Or, if you're one of the select entrepreneurs who has the opportunity to sell your successful company for a sizeable gain, we can help you maximize your sale ... and your impact for charity. Learn more about Business Interest

Estate Planning
Everyone needs a will and an estate plan, regardless of your age or phase of life. This workshop will make a seemingly complicated process very simple and clear. Gateway Stewardship would like to invite you to learn how to build your estate plan and learn to pass godly wisdom before dollars to those you value the most. Learn more about Estate Planning